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  Graduate School of Education

Astrophysics for HS Students
Description: The goals of the project are,

For students: to learn how to conduct authentic research in X-ray astrophysics using archival data bases, acquire scientific epistemology and scientific ways of knowing.

For teachers: in addition to learning how to bring authentic science experiences to their classrooms, to learn how to implement a new learning system (Investigative Science Learning Environment) in their classrooms. ISLE is a learning system that mirrors processes that scientists use to acquire knowledge. It combines authentic inquiry with a repetitive structure and is supported by a complete set of curriculum materials.Funding provided by NASA and Rutgers University.

Outcomes: Students participating in the program increase their content understanding and develop scientific approach to knowledge and learning.

Teachers start using ISLE or its elements in their teaching.
Website: unknown
Academic Discipline: Unspecified
Contact Info: Eugenia Etkina
732/932-7496, x8339

Open to: Students
General Public