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  Eagleton Institute of Politics
Newark Student Voices
Description: The goal of this curriculum-based program is to promote civic engagement in the city of Newark.

Program is largely self-funded; additional funding provided by Annenberg Public Policy Foundation of the University of Pennsylvania, Annenberg Foundation, Pew Charitable Trusts, Victoria Foundation, Lucent, PSE&G, Dodge.

Part of the National Student Voices Project,Participating schools use the curriculum once a week

Students formulate youth-issue agendas to bring to politicians

They learn to create media partnerships to get their word out

Host a city-wide Civics Fair/poster session describing how to work with local government

City Hall shadow day

Promote inter-generational dialogue

Teacher participants have become core-member mentors and provide turn-key training for new members
Website: unknown
Academic Discipline: Unspecified
Contact Info: Susan Sherr-Pollard
732/932-9384 x268

Open to: Students
General Public