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  Eagleton Institute of Politics
Center for American Women and Politics-Advocacy collaboration with Girl Scouts
Description: The purpose of these programs is to educate girls about politics and to show how and why they should get involved. The programs demonstrate how issues that girls have addressed through community service can also be addressed on a larger scale through government and politics.
The programs are largely self-funded; additional funding has been provided through Girl Scouts of America and the Prudential Foundation

The Center for Women in Politics has developed a model program, NEW Leadership, to educate college students about womens political participation; that model has been adopted at universities across the country.

Through CAWPs NEW Leadership New Jersey Program, CAWP is creating an opportunity for college women to work with Girl Scouts on advocacy projects that are community specific and non-partisan. The goal is to establish similar college/Girl Scout partnerships at campuses with NEW Leadership programs based on the CAWP model.
Website: unknown
Academic Discipline: Unspecified
Contact Info: Kathy Kleeman
732/932-9384, x231

Open to: Students
General Public