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  IEEE History Center at Rutgers University

(Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers)
Description: The IEEE History Center at Rutgers University is dedicated to preserving, researching, and disseminating the history of electrical and computer engineering and related sciences and technologies. As part of our dissemination program we have one established pre-college program, and one in the works.

Virtual Museum (VM)

The VM went live in February 2002 and has since won several critical recognitions, including being named a "SciLink Site" by the National Science Teachers Association. The program in the planning stages is this coming school year to give a series of three guest lectures on the role of technology in history to theWorld History/Cultures College Prep classes at Hillsborough High School.
Website: unknown
Academic Discipline: Unspecified
Contact Info: Michael N. Geselowitz, Ph.D., Director
IEEE History Center
Rutgers University
39 Union Street
New Br

Open to: Students
General Public