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  Center For Comparative European Studies
Description: The goal of Global Citizen 2000 is to produce curricular modules that will enable high school teachers to increase the quantity and quality of teaching about the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Latin America, Eastern Europe, and globalization itself in schools in New Jersey and throughout America. A core group of four Rutgers faculty and team of almost sixty high school teachers will develop the new curricular materials many of them featuring interactive materials, simulations and case studies on such essential topics as Geography, Ecosystems and their effects on Culture; Choices resulting from the economics of scarcity in the developing world; Representation of political aspirations in Western and non-Western Literature; Citizenship and cooperation in post-conflict societies; Change in identity resulting from global interconnection; New economic choices and responsibilities.
Website: unknown
Academic Discipline: Geography
Contact Info: Susanna Treesh, Administrator
Open to: Students
General Public