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Rutgers University's Asian American Cultural Center The Youth Diversity Project. High school sophomores and juniors participate in a literary and visual arts expression contest.

The best works will be [more...]
Science Bus/Math and Science Learning Center (MSLC)/GK12 žA mini Liberty Science CenterÓ
Funding provided by the National Science Foundation, The Edison Papers

Science Bus visits schools; staffed by graduate students

Offers hands-on activities in math [more...]
Summer Acting Conservatory The Rutgers University Summer Acting Conservatory is a four-week program designed to allow high school students the opportunity to experience intensive, professional actor training taught [more...]
Summer Art Camp Summer Art Camp @ the Zimmerli Art Museum Some of the new offerings include: Video Art, Introduction to Art Techniques, Sculpture, Pastels and Collaging with Fabric.
Summer Design Institute This institute provides teachers with a comprehensive approach to encourage, inspire, and empower ALL students through design. Discover how PROJECT-BASED LEARNING can make a difference [more...]
The Center for African Studies The Center for African Studies maintains a resource and reading room in Beck Hall 212 in which teachers can preview the Centers audio-visual materials, borrow [more...]
The French Resource Center The French Resource Center was created by the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the United States and Rutgers University in the [more...]
The Lily Schrager Program In Creative Dance For Boys and Girls Ages 4 to 11
title details
Videoconferencing In-Service Courses The Center for Mathematics, Science and Computer Education is at the forefront of videoconferencing in education. Workshops are offered throughout the school year to [more...]
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Last Updated: 07/19/2006